Granny Square Day - My Favorite Crochet Style

Granny Square Day

I didn't realize it was Granny Square Day until I saw a friend post about it on Instagram.

In fact, I didn't realize granny square day was even a thing! I'm excited that it is, though, because it's one of my favorite styles to crochet.

Cosmos Purple Cat Mat by Critter Crafting

Cosmos Purple Cat Mat

What is a Granny Square?

Basically, a granny square is any square piece of crochet work produced by working outward from a central circle. There is any number of designs you can make with them, and some are incredibly intricate, resembling flowers, mandalas, or lace (look it up on Pinterest if you're curious - but be prepared to fall down a creative rabbit hole!).

Granny Squares Are My Favorite Crochet Style 

Personally, I use the granny square style all the time in my crochet work. The majority of my Critter Crafting Cat mats are made with this style (just larger versions of them), and a number of my coaster sets are granny squares in a super traditional sense.

When I make large blankets, they're often made up of granny squares, whether of a solid color or different colors.

Granny Squares in Critter Crafting

Granny square crochet coasters by Critter Crafting

Rich Purple and Cream Four Piece Granny Square Crochet Coasters Set // Vibrant Multicolor Crochet Coasters Set

Gray tabby cat Olivia with a Critter Crafting Crochet Cat Mat

 Lavender, Lime Green, & Bright Blue Gradient Cat Mat

Granny square crochet coasters by Critter Crafting

Large Teal and Coral Granny Square Crochet Coasters Set

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