5 Things You Might Not Know About Olivia

Get to Know Critter Crafting Meowdel Olivia

Louis shared 5 things you might not know about him, since we have a bunch of new faces around, so now it's Olivia's turn! Here are 5 things you might not know about Olivia:⁣

1. Olivia, like Louis, is polydactyl. She has extra toes on the front and back paws!⁣

2. Olivia was rescued from a Gainesville shelter with her two litter mates, Fergus and Elaine. Fergus was adopted by hugramma @peggyptc but unfortunately passed due to FIP. Elaine was adopted by my cousin, and is doing well in her home. ⁣

3. Olivia has the core strength of a gymnast. Where Louis and, to an extent, Emory are pretty much liquid when you hold them, Olivia goes pretty rigid and will jump out of your arms. She usually pulls the same move when I try to trim her (many) nails, so that's a two-person job.⁣

4. That being said, Olivia is a total cuddle bug in her own way. Olivia may not be a lap cat, but she loves to snuggle on her own terms. Whether that's by climbing all over me on the couch, or by weaving through my feet as I walk, she's never far from my side. I call her my little shadow because of this. ⁣

5. Olivia loves human food. Her two favorites are spinach and yogurt. If I open the crisper in the refrigerator, Olivia will come over because she knows it's spinach time!⁣

Does any of this remind you of your furbaby?⁣

Gray tabby cat Olivia with a purple and white crochet Cat Mat blanket

P.S. Critter Crafting Cat Mats make great kitty capes, as Olivia demonstrates here!


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